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ANNIE ...Nancy Stetson FLORIDA WEEKLY Jul18 7, 2018

"Jim Heffernan gives a great impersonation as President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Inspired by Annie’s optimism, he creates his New Deal series of programs, a way to make jobs for the people and get the country moving again. He even gets his very stiff, very business–like cabinet to stand up and sing ’Tomorrow’ with Annie."

ANNIE ...Di Saggau THE RIVER WEEKLY NEWS June 6, 2018

"Jim Heffernan plays multiple roles, and he really gets a chance to show his stuff as Franklin Delano Roosevelt."

MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET ...Nancy Stetson FLORIDA WEEKLY December 7, 2017

"Jim Heffernan plays Santa — or Kris Kringle — and he is perfect for the role. Amiable and disarming, he could make even the most diehard cynic believe in Santa. He’s loveable and authentic, not sickeningly sweet or sentimental. He is the undisputed star of this show. Mr. Heffernan wins me over as Santa and makes a believer out of me"

THE DROWSY CHAPERONE Bill O’Neill Collier Citizen March 19, 2014

"The Drowsy Chaperone, the musical now being presented at the Sugden Theater by The Naples Players...is very well done indeed....The performers do a fine job, with an extremely strong turn by Jim Heffernan...His commentary on the play-within-a-play is far wittier and interesting than the musical itself. In a role that could easily become wearing in a less varied performance, Heffernan provides nuance and sustains one’s interest."


"Mr. Heffernan fulfills his role as host/ narrator with great wit and comedic timing. He’s droll one minute, then full of enthusiasm the next. Because he loves this musical so much and is so excited about it, we fall in love with it too. He bubbles over with background information, sharing hilarious tidbits about the fictitious actors in this fictitious musical. Director Dallas Dunnagan made some excellent casting choices in this show (Ms. Guthery, Ms. Austin, Mr. Heffernan and Mr. Ken- neally, in particular), and her actors capture the right tone of the light comic musicals of the 1920s."


"...audiences will identify with veteran Jim Heffernan’s sweater-clad musical theater lover. Beyond that, Heffernan’s long experience and melodious voice brings a heart-warming touch to the role. In his hands, the part seems less sad- sack than quietly reclusive."

BLACK TIE...Chris Silk NAPLES NEWS January 2014.

"Gurney scripted the play’s seven page intro as an old vaudeville soft shoe routine. The audience sees a nice chat between "Curtis" Jim Heffernan and father Val Kuffel. Heffernan and Ellen Cooper (Mimi) share in one of the night’s best scenes in Act II."

FOX ON THE FAIRWAY...Chris Silk NAPLES NEWS March 25, 2013

"Jim Heffernan delights as hard-nosed, crooked, mustachioed Dickie Bell, the vil- lain-in-chief at Crouching Squirrel. He sneers. He leers. He mixes metaphors, wears ugly sweaters and even more hideous pants. Every club has seven more like him. You’ll love him!"

MIRACLE ON 34TH STREET...Chris Silk NAPLES NEWS November 28, 2012

"Jim Heffernan projects gravitas as store owner R.H. Macy; wait for his rousing number in the courtroom."

HELLO DOLLY...Chris Silk NAPLES NEWS March 1, 2012

"Jim Heffernan stepped in as half-a-millionaire Horace Vandergelder less than a week before opening night. On short notice, he brings a brusque efficiency to the character. He and Guthery haven’t had time to click, but a semi-flirtacious restau- rant scene shows the beginnings of comic chemistry."

SHERLOCK HOLMES...Bill O’Neill November 29, 2011

"Some of the minor characters fare better. Jim Heffernan is an amusingly evil, if conventional, Moriarty."

ANNIE...Nancy Stetson Florida Weekly July 27, 2011

"...There are a number of outstanding actors among them. James Heffernan, Jr. does a great job as FDR..."

ANNIE...Bekki Shanklin River District Insider July 2011

"...And even the President, FDR, played brilliantly by James D Heffernan, Jr., gets into the act of saving Annie..."

The Unsinkable Molly Brown The News Press Drew Sterwald Feb 24, 2011

"...Because ’Molly Brown’ depends so thoroughly on these two characters to carry the show, the rest of the cast only fleetingly gets a chance to make an impression. James D. Heffernan Jr. has some good moments as Molly’s father, putting on a credible Irish accent."

THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN...Chris Silk Naples News Feb. 21, 2011

"...Beyond the leads, few characters stand out in the show’s criminally weak book. James D. Heffernan, Jr., gets a few growls and grumps at Molly’s Irish father..."

SYLVIA...Chris Silk Naples News January 13, 2011

"...Heffernan wrinkles his brow and peers through eyes fogged with a midlife crisis that can’t be solved by a Ferrari. His Greg wants something ’real’, but doesn’t understand that the situation he’s caught up in. Heffernan communicates all that with a few affable grins, the swat of a rolled-up newspaper and a few dog treats. The undeniable chemistry between Walck and Heffernan drives the show... and Jim Heffernan complements that energy as a man searching for his purpose in life. Don’t miss their chemistry..."

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